Pine Mountain Summit Campout

     We ended up with 5 scouts for our campout Friday through Sunday morning to Pine Mountain Summit, along with 3 adults.  We did one organized hike, and the boys and Brian explored around the campground, enjoying the views and finding numerous rocks to climb and interesting things.  They also braved a couple of cold nights without being allowed a campfire, which sent them to bed early both nights.  Temp at about 7:30AM on Saturday was 42 with a breeze, and on Sunday morning 39.6, but no breeze.  Needless to say, no really early risers, even with early tenting.

     Won and Cameron did well in completing parts of the cooking MB, and others completed elements of advancement in cooking as well.  Besides chasing lizards, wood chopping was a major activity, and even Brandon did a little.  Since we could not have a fire, it was mostly fun.  When the restriction is lifted, someone will have a nice pile of pre-cut wood.  Mikey and Henry reviewed their books while there too, and both are very near a board.  While there were few others overnight, quite a few day trippers passed through, mostly "boulderer's and day hikers, as well as a couple birding.  Had a ranger visit Sunday morning to make sure we had not had a fire and checking the area.

     Other than the cold, it was a beautiful weekend with lots of stars at night, and gorgeous views.  Though we had a brief cloud sitting experience around 8AM on Saturday when the sun's heating caused the clouds in the valley to rise and drift over us.  Hopefully have a few photos soon.

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